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How do we work at IRÍAS ABOGADOS?

The first step is to openly explain to the client all the intricacies of his/her case, the way to proceed, its pros and cons and to clarify one by one all doubts that might be raised by the client.
We always attempt an out-of-court settlement before going to court.

And if it were not possible to avoid a judicial approach, the matter shall be channelled into the shortest and least costly procedures allowed by law.

At IRÍAS LAWYERS we rather channel the solution of those cases that admit civil and criminal proceedings, thus avoiding that our client is charged the high expenses that the initiation of civil proceedings entails, such as the costs, the experts’ expenses and, currently, the legal fees.

Why the criminal route over the civil one?

The criminal route always prevails in our choice, and today, even more so.

We subjectify the claims, – whenever possible – and whoever may have to answer for a certain fact, we have no doubt that he or she will do it, with the highest degree of satisfaction for us and for our client, by means of criminal proceedings.

In a matter of medical negligence, it is an extremely important factor that criminal jurisdiction, as well as the collaboration of forensic doctors and the judicial authorities, are urged when requesting medical documentation that is frequently denied by hospitals. And if the Court refuses them initially, we will have to resort to appeals and go all the way.

There are law firms that do this through civil proceedings, and in the end, even before the client may realize it, he/she ends up immersed in a chain of expenses without being sure that a satisfactory result will be obtained by his claim.

When we insist on the penal route, we may also have some degree of uncertainty regarding an optimal result, but at least, the client will not have to anticipate any costs if he/she doesn’t want or cannot do it. And, if in the end, everything finishes with the always feared “filed” outcome, the client will leave with the satisfaction of at least having tried, and this without any cost for him or her

What does the client have to do at IRÍAS LAWYERS?

The client shall confine himself to telling the facts to the lawyer, who must interpret them into legal form and channel them into the appropriate judicial procedure for prosecution.

The client shall know how to provide the lawyer with the required documentation, bringing to his/her knowledge any fact or written documents that he/she might consider useful.

And, finally and most importantly, the client should trust his/her lawyer and have patience in the handling of the entrusted matter.

Given the degree of specialisation of each and every one of the lawyers that make up our firm, our clients will find in the lawyer appointed to take charge of their case not only his/her confidence, but also his/her own complicity and involvement in the facts until he/she finds the most advantageous solution for his/her client, who, in the meantime, eventually becomes his or her “friend”.

Accident lawyers

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At Irías Lawyers, we’ll make it easy for you to pay for our services. You won’t have to pay us anything until you receive your compensation.

Customised Service

We study your case in depth and propose the plan that will benefit you the most, so that you may get the maximum compensation possible. Each case is a case. That’s why the treatment we offer is customized.

Vast Experience

For more than 20 years we have been offering our specialized services to people who have suffered all kinds of accidents and we want to make sure that they will receive the maximum compensation possible. Our best professionals will be at your service.

Maximum Compensation

If you are not satisfied with the compensation for traffic accidents offered by your insurance company, then it’s time to call Irías Abogados and get a higher compensation. We act independently from the insurance companies, in order to achieve the maximum compensation possible.

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We specialise in achieving maximum compensation for traffic accidents, medical malpractice, injury and falls.




You may have had an accident and feel that you should be compensated. At Irías Lawyers, we possess extensive experience in this type of cases.

In the event of an accident, the kinds of damages that may be compensated are death, permanent, temporary, disabling or non-disabling injury and temporary disability. In addition to the corresponding compensation, hospital costs and, whenever considered appropriate, material damage shall also be covered.

Achieving the best results is based on being unhurried and only when a fair offer of compensation has been obtained, i.e., one that satisfies the interests of the main affected: the client.

At IRÍAS LAWYERS we believe that each case must be thoroughly prepared and reviewed, within the necessary time for their results to be considered satisfactory.

At IRÍAS LAWYERS, the main advantage for a person affected by a traffic accident is that, during practically all the processing of their case, they will be in the hands of specialists with more than 20 years of experience in the field of traffic accident claims.

The client is treated with honesty and professionalism at all times and all questions are answered by explaining why he/she has the right to know and choose the person he/she is going to work with

  • Choose a lawyer independently from any insurance company and you shall obtain maximum compensation.
  • We will study your case and advise you without commitment.
  • No initial payment whatsoever: we shall only be paid when you collect your compensation. If you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid.
  • In many cases, you will even get back from your insurance policy the full amount you have paid us

For all these reasons, if you have suffered a traffic accident, do not hesitate to CONTACT us. We ensure the maximum compensation with no need for any initial payment.



At IRÍAS LAWYERS we work with professional and close treatment to our client and with a full knowledge of the regulations related to these matters.

The most common forms of medical negligence are:

  • Wrong diagnosis
  • Surgical complications
  • Problems at birth
  • Wrong medication
  • Death due to failure in providing emergency healthcare
  • Failure to properly supervise the patient in the post-operative period
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Hospital infections
  • Inadequate prescription of medication

If you have been a victim of medical malpractice,  you must document each visit to the doctor, so it will be extremely important that you request copies of all medical documentation.

In case that it happened at a private hospital: this is a procedure for civil jurisdiction courts, where we willclaim compensation for all damage caused from those responsible for the medical negligence

Therefore, if you have suffered from a case of medical malpractice, do not hesitate to contact us as our clients’ consultations will not represent any additional cost and will always be carried out under absolute confidentiality.



It is considered an accident at work any bodily injury suffered by a worker on the occasion of or as a consequence of work carried out as an employee or by someone registered as a self-employed person.

It shall be considered as work-related accidents:

  • Those suffered by the worker on the occasion of or as a result of holding elected positions of a trade union nature, as well as those occurring when going to or returning from the place where the duties proper to such positions are exercised.
  • Those occurring on the occasion of or as a consequence of tasks which, although different from those of their professional category, are performed by the worker in compliance with the employer’s orders or spontaneously for the proper functioning of the company.
  • Those occurring in acts of rescue and others of a similar nature, when both are connected with the job.
  • Diseases, not included as such, contracted by the worker in the course of his work, provided that it might be proved that that disease was exclusively caused by the performance of the duties of his/her job.
  • Those illnesses or defects, previously suffered by the worker, which might have been aggravated as a result of the injury or injuries caused by the accident.

The victim of an accident at work has the right to claim compensation for injuries, sequels or damages against the employer.

At our law firm you will find great law professionals specialized in labour, with whom you will feel safe from the very beginning of the proceedings, as we always look for the interest of the worker.



When a person is declared disabled, most of the times it is not that clear whether he or she is entitled to a pension, what rights he or she will have as a disabled person and in what exact situation he or she is left.

Workers in general lack accurate information about their rights under labour law and especially about permanent disability and the receipt of compensation for permanent disability.

Types of disabilities are:

  • Permanent Partial Disability, is that which, without reaching a full degree, causes the worker a decrease of not less than 33% in his normal performance for his usual profession, without preventing him from carrying it out.

    Workers with permanent partial disability have the right to return to their jobs. The conditions of reinstatement will depend on the degree of disability and subsequent recovery.

  • Permanent Total Disability, is that which disqualifies the worker from carrying out all or the fundamental tasks of his or her usual profession, providing that he or she can devote himself or herself to a different one.
    The declaration of permanent total disability extinguishes the employment relationship, but there might be a possibility of reincorporation, in the event that the worker recovers all or part of his working capacity. In this case, he/she shall have absolute preference for readmission by the company.
  • Permanent Absolute Disability is the one that completely disqualifies the worker from any profession or trade.
    Recognition of this situation shall not prevent the exercise of those activities, whether or not lucrative, that might be compatible with the state of the disabled person and that might not represent a change in his or her working capacity
  • Severe Disability is defined as the situation when the worker is affected by permanent disability and who, as a result of anatomical or functional losses, needs the assistance of another person for the most essential acts of his/her daily life.
    Recognition of this situation shall not prevent the exercise of those activities, whether or not they are profitable, that are compatible

We perfectly understand the situation which an ill person may have to go through in order to be recognized with Permanent Disability benefits, which is often complicated. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us.



SPORTS ACCIDENT:  A condition that occurs suddenly in a sporting activity and which may threaten the health of one or more people. It will be considered as a work accident if, in the practice of recreational, cultural or sporting activities, one is acting on behalf of or in representation of the employer.

Sports accidents can be suffered by both amateur and professional practitioners, as this kind of accidents may occur within a wide range of circumstances. Therefore, safety precautions should be taken very seriously, regardless of the sporting level of the practitioner, whether they are merely playing for fun or are professional athletes. In addition, all athletes should be tested physically and medically on a timely basis by a fully trained medical professional

In cases of sports injury, such as knee injury, broken bones, head injury or spinal cord injury, we will be ready to vigorously defend the rights of the injured athlete and his or her family. Our first priority will be the victim’s maximum feasible recovery.

Our greatest concern is for athletes who may suffer permanent injury due to neglect, misuse or abuse by coaches and/or other people responsible for protecting the health and well-being of athletes.

Therefore, if you have suffered a preventable injury while playing football, tennis, basketball, gymnastics or any other sport, call us and your case will be studied by our highly qualified professional background team.



Every day, a lot of people fall down on public roads or in private establishments

In many of these cases, there is not always liability from the owner of the public thoroughfare or establishment, but sometimes negligence, recklessness or poor signage or poor state of conservation of streets, buildings and establishments may be the consequence.

 In addition, that victim will have to prove that those conditions were the cause of his/her injury. In order to do so, it would be desirable to obtain evidence including:

  1. Medical reports
  2. Statement from potential witnesses to the fall
  3. Photographs of the scene, for example, taken with the mobile phone right after the event.
  4. Expert reports. A report of the accident will always be needed, so it is convenient to warn both the medical services and the police on the spot, in order to be able to prove the circumstances in which that fall has taken place.

Therefore, if you have suffered a fall, trip or slip on a public road or inside an establishment open to the public and you think it might have been due to the fault or negligence of the owner of that road or establishment, do not let it go and trust us with your case. We will advise you about all your possibilities and how to deal with your claim process.

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