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Origins and Mission

IRÍAS LAWYERS was born from the lawyer and notary Benigno Ramón Irías Henríquez’s desire to set up a totally independent law firm with a clear international focus.

Under his leadership, our firm has grown to now have offices in Madrid and Honduras, as well being a part of The Euro-Atlantic Lawyers and members of the Union Internationale des Avocats (UIA).

Our complete independence enables us to maintain close relationships with other international law firms, collaborate regularly with other outside local firms and, in short, to choose the best lawyers for each branch of the law and for each specific case.

Therefore, we can provide integral consultancy on a global scale which, from the point of view of businesses, enables us to advise and work with clients beyond our borders and on any subject, both legal and fiscal.

Our head office in Central America is rigorously and thoroughly acquainted with Latin American legislation, with Honduras being the undisputed nerve centre for our international business, given its ongoing development, and proximity to the United States.

Our service mission demands that we not only act with technical rigour in achieving professional excellence, but also be firmly committed to the client, and permanently ready to make as many decisions needing evolution, development and growth as required.

We are aware of the speed at which things change in the business world, which obliges us to seek continuous improvement in our services and choose our best people to work with you, in order to provide full engagement with your affairs as entrusted to us.


Integral consultancy on a global scale: international collaboration with the most important law firms worldwide, to provide the best and most excellent service for each case.


Technical rigour in actions and achieving professional excellence, and especially, constant commitment where client confidentiality is paramount.


We achieve continuous improvement in our services and choose our best co-workers for you, thus providing full assistance in all fields required by our clients.


Legal and fiscal consultancy services

International law

Our law office is a hub of legal and financial advice which specialises in international law. It is able to focus its resources and offer its services to other law firms as a service provider as opposed to a competitor.

Our services are therefore aimed at professionals in the legal and tax sectors, as well as businesspeople, SMEs and family companies, either resident in Spain or abroad.

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