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D. Benigno Irías Henríquez

Founding Partner

Lawyer and Notary, since 1964

BENIGNO RAMON IRÍAS HENRÍQUEZ, born in Juticalpa, Honduras on 4 December 1935, holds the following titles: Bachelor’s Degree in Legal and Social Sciences (1963), Lawyer for the Courts of the Republic of Honduras and Exequatur of the Notary Public in 1966.

He was also Assistant Secretary of the Costa Rican Embassy in Honduras in 1958, appointed First Secretary of the National Constituent Assembly from 1980 to 1981.

He was the First Vice-President of the National Congress from 1982 to 1986, and founded a number of educational institutions in the Departamento of Olancho, among them the Escuela Normal Mixta mixed school in Olancho, for which he introduced a Decree before the National Congress.

For the past 46 years he has dedicated his professional life to practicing law, acquiring a great reputation in Honduran society and is currently a trial lawyer in the Courts of the Republic in Juticalpa, Olancho, with his law firm in the centre of the city in Building 156, a half block north of Banco Atlántida S.A.

He is a specialist in the following areas:

  • Civil Law
  • Commercial law
  • Contentious-administrative law
  • Family law
  • Inheritance law
  • Registry – Notary

(+504) 278 52 009

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