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Juan Antonio Molina

Bachelor of Law, 1995

A lawyer since 2019
Degree from the University of Granada, Spain. Degree in European Law from the Jean Monnet Chair in 1995.

Founding partner of the Madrid publishing house and gallery “Taller del Prado” in 2001 (awarded the Gold Medal for Artistic Merit by the Granada Royal Academy of Art). Juan Antonio Molina works on consultancy projects and is a coordinator of exhibitions and art fairs in Spain and abroad, including shows at galleries such as “Alfama” in Madrid, “Estela Docal” in Santander and “Nova” in Málaga), among many others.

He has written a large number of contemporary art criticism articles for Spanish publications, as well as presentations in the catalogues of many prestigious contemporary artists.

Specialist in the following areas:

  • Art Consulting
  • The art market

(+34) 915 436 460

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